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Welcome to the Snow Raiders !

It is truly a pleasure to welcome all our snowmobiling friends in the region, and those that are planning to visit our trails soon.

Our goal is to provide you with enough information about our activities to assist your adventures this year, and perhaps interest you in joining our club.

Snow Raiders Snowmobile Club Inc. is 1 of 51 clubs represented by Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc. We are a non-profit organization that maintain and groom approximately 169 kms of Manitoba's scenic trails. Our mission is to develop and maintain safe and environmentally responsible snowmobile trails to further the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling throughout Manitoba.

Snow Raiders Snowmobile Club Inc. maintains the trail system starting at the center of Ste. Anne, MB and stretching out starting on the Trans Canada #1 Hwy grooming between Deacon's corner to Richer, Mb. Once at Richer you can then connect north into our scenic trail system where you can warm up at our A-Frame shelter. The trail continues through the forest to Hwy 15 where we then turn-around and the next club takes over. We are also responsible for the maintenance and grooming to the towns of La Broquerie, Landmark, Anola, and Steinbach, Manitoba.

This could not be done without our dedicated volunteers who sign our trail system, maintain the trails and operate our grooming equipment.

If you would like to join and become a member of the Snow Raiders Snowmobile Club, please contact us. We are always welcoming new members.